Monday, 17 September 2012

|The Jezabels | Foster the People | ♥

Hello everyone =)
I know I haven't been posting anything lately and I'm sorry for that..BUT the reason for my lack of involvement with this blog is because I have a new job! *yaaaay*...and I've been quite busy =( I apologize again. I do still have lots of reviews I want to do on new products I got...and I promise  I will :P
but anyway...because I've been working and all..I decided to treat myself to these two CD's that I should have purchased a looonngg time ago!..but eh.. better late than never! haha

I absolutely love these two bands so much...ESPECIALLY The Jezabels! goodness..words cannot describe how much I love calmed their music makes me careless..and free I feel when I listen to I said "HEY..enough waiting...just buy their album already!" hehe...and I did..I walked right into HMV..and found only ONE copy of their "Prisoner" album. Its like..we're meant to be! *happy tear* :P

ALSO...while I was in there..I grabbed myself a copy of Foster the People's "Torches" album...I looooove it!!! Its about time I get that album! haha...

I'll leave you all with one of my favorite songs from The Jezabels <3
Hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do!

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