Monday, 30 July 2012

Benefit Hoola Dupe! (Very Accurate in Color)

Hello everyone!
I promise not to make this review as long as my previous one haha.
..I just feel that I should let people know about this dupe, especially knowing how the Hoola bronzer is so very well known....and pricey! yikes..

But I'll get straight to the point!

Sephora has a bronzer called Los Cabos..and it is the EXACT same color as the Benefit Hoola bronzer. Now...I do not own Hoola, but when I walked into Sephora, I wanted to buy Hoola... it was just too pricey at the time so I decided to leave it for another day..BUT someone who worked at Sephora told me about Los Cabos..and how it was the exact same as Hoola...I gave it a try and swatched both side by side...and mind was made. I bought Los Cabos..and lived happily ever after =)

Los Cabos - $18
Benefit Hoola - $36

Here are some pictures of how Los Cabos looks like.

what Los Cabos looks like on the skin

Hope this was helpful! :)

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