Monday, 30 July 2012

Benefit Hoola Dupe! (Very Accurate in Color)

Hello everyone!
I promise not to make this review as long as my previous one haha.
..I just feel that I should let people know about this dupe, especially knowing how the Hoola bronzer is so very well known....and pricey! yikes..

But I'll get straight to the point!

Sephora has a bronzer called Los Cabos..and it is the EXACT same color as the Benefit Hoola bronzer. Now...I do not own Hoola, but when I walked into Sephora, I wanted to buy Hoola... it was just too pricey at the time so I decided to leave it for another day..BUT someone who worked at Sephora told me about Los Cabos..and how it was the exact same as Hoola...I gave it a try and swatched both side by side...and mind was made. I bought Los Cabos..and lived happily ever after =)

Los Cabos - $18
Benefit Hoola - $36

Here are some pictures of how Los Cabos looks like.

what Los Cabos looks like on the skin

Hope this was helpful! :)

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Benefit Coralista and MAC Springsheen Blush Review!

Hello everyone :) I guess this is my official first post! YAY!
..and like the title states, this is a review on my Benefit Coralista blush and my MAC Springsheen. 
Now.....I ABSOLUTELY LOOVE both blushes so much! I'd say that they are my top 2 favorite blushes. The reason why I love them so much is because they both have such a gorgeous sheen..and it just gives your cheeks a pretty and healthy glow.

The Mac Springsheen blush is pinker and a bit more darker than Coralista. Springsheen also has a gold sheen..whereas Coralista has a more of a silvery sheen..yet gold?..its DEFINITELY not as gold as Springsheen. 

I'd say that Mac Springsheen stays on my cheeks a bit longer than Coralista. I noticed that after a few hours of wearing Coralista, it started to fade a little, whereas when I wear Springsheen, it stays on till the end of the day. 
ALSO, I noticed that when I wear Springsheen, I don't need to wear a highlight. Its just soo goldy-ish and glowy I love ittt!! ksgohdigdjfhgdfgoigh eeeeek! 

Coralista is the perfect peachy/coral blush though. In my opinion, Coralista is perfect for both summer time and winter. 
Funny story actually..I purchased Coralista at my local Sephora store with a gift card that I received for my birthday..BUT before sticking to Coralista, I purchased Nars' Orgasm blush and returned it immediately after realizing that it was insanely identical to Mac Springsheen..AND Springsheen won.. because the pigmentation was way better than the Nars blush AND the gold showed better on my skin giving me that perfect highlight..whereas Nars' Orgasm barely gave me that same glow. Also, Springsheen is only about $23 dollars..NARS blushes go for $36 bucks here in I 110% recommend MAC over NARS =)..but hey don't hate! This is just my own personal opinion.

ANYWAY! I went on for too are some pictures of Benefit's Coralista and MAC's Springsheen!

both blushes swatched.
i love love love the Coralista packaging so much! ^.^
Here is a picture of me wearing Benefit Coralista.
(I'm sorry that the lighting is a bit orange :( )
and here is both Coralista and Springsheen swatched
as you can see, Springsheen is a bit more on the pink and gold side and a LOT like the NARS Orgasm blush. I'd say its a dupe for Orgasm..and yes..dupe. Dupe because the price of the MAC blushes are a lot cheaper than the NARS blushes.
(look at how pretty Springsheen is)

I hope that this was somewhat helpful for those of you who are planning on purchasing both blushes. I honestly recommend both! They are absolutely gorgeous :)