Monday, 13 August 2012

Rimmel London: Kate Moss Lipsticks (no.08 & 09)

So I went to the drugstore today and couldn't help myself when I found the Kate Moss lipstick collection on sale!
I noticed that most of the shades were red; some were light red, bright red, deep red..and barely some nudes..and this really dark brownish color.

I picked my colors in #s 08 and 09.

08 is a brownish nude color and 09 is the most gorgeous red lipstick I've ever seen! Honestly..I love it soo damn much!

I find that the lipsticks glide on the lips pretty easy and smooth, as they're a bit creamy, but once they've been on for a few minutes, they start to look semi matte, which I LOOVE!..I personally prefer my red lipsticks to be matte, because I find that when red lipsticks are too creamy, they tend to smudge all over my face and ugh..who likes that right? ..The nude brownish color (08) was easily not one of my favorites..I looks nice and all..but because my skin is so fair, the color just looks a bit dark on me..and I expected it to be a lighter color =(

Also..these lipsticks stay on the lips pretty long..they definitely DO NOT stay on for 8 hours like they claim to..I mean..unless you go without eating for 8 hours then I guess they would stay on haha..
here are some pictures :P

(I absolutely love this red so much) 
( no. 08)

(wearing 08)
(wearing 09)

Anyway..I hope that this was somewhat helpful!


  1. I actually think the 08 looks really good on you :) I can't pull of any lipstick lol

    1. thank you bb!
      oh i am SO sure that you'd be able to pull off the red soooo well!