Thursday, 2 August 2012

E.L.F (Eyes Lips Face) Cosmetics Haul/Review

Brace yourselves...this will be a long one! xD

I finally received my E.L.F cosmetics in the mail (since Canada isn't cool enough to have E.L.F cosmetics) I had to order it online on
I honestly love it how Eyes Lips Face always has promotions and sales ALL the time! It makes things so much easier for Canadian shoppers...because that way we don't have to feel bad for paying a lot for shipping haha. Actually..shipping wasn't bad at all..I must've paid around $8 something...not bad.

But yeah..I made my purchase when the site was having one of their 50% off sale on their Studio line products, which was great since everything I wanted to buy was from the Studio line.

I mostly got blushes, brushes and 2 of their matte lip colours. I love it. I love the brushes the most!
I honestly have never come across such SOFT brushes for that price!..They are absolutely amazing..and did I mention soft? haha I got the face kabuki brush and the face powder brush. In my opinion, they're just as soft as the EcoTools brushes! except 10x cheaper haha, and I'm not gonna lie, I kinda regret buying my MAC brushes knowing now that E.L.F has the same brushes for THREE BUCKS!..

So far, I've only tried one blush. in "Twinkle Pink"..the color is alright..what I dislike about it is the shimmer that goes all over your face once you put the blush on. I also got "Fuschia Fusion"...I haven't tried it but I also see lots of shimmer..and I love the color =( ..the GOOD thing about "Twinkle Pink" is that the shimmer went away throughout the day hehe...and as for the staying power of the blush, I'd say its alright...I still have it on and I've had it on for about 9 hours :P

The matte lip colours are great! I got "Natural" and "Nearly Nude". The lipsticks are pretty matte..but they glide on the lips easily, which I love! ..and the colours are beautiful! "Nearly Nude" surprised me..I thought that the colour would come off a little orange, but it actually didn't! I think it's a pretty nude lip color :)

I think that's all I have to say...If I remember to add anything else, I will...AND if anyone has any questions..feel free to ask =)

and now...PICTURE TIME!

(In the picture above, I'm wearing "Natural" on the lips and "Twinkle Pink" on the cheeks)

This is so amazingly soft! I love it.
ohh so soft

Darth Vader is watching you! xD 
E.L.F's packaging is really cute! Reminds me of the NARS packaging
(Left to Right: Twinkle Pink, Gotta Glow, Mellow Mauve, Fuchsia Fusion)
Gotta Glow is actually a lot like NARS Albatross

(Left to Right: Fuchsia Fusion, Gotta Glow, Mellow Mauve and Twinkle Pink)

Anyway..I hope this was somewhat helpful! 
If there are any questions..feel free to ask :P


  1. ELF is at Zeller's! But all the zeller's are closing down D:

    Love Leah lol

    1. yes but they only have certain elf products and it comes in gift packs :( and GOOD thing zellers is closing down..because Target is moving in AND Target is what carries E.L.F hehehe yay!!! i cant wait