Friday, 21 September 2012

Victoria's Secret Face Prime Makeup Primer and Setting Spray REVIEW

Hello everyone! 
As the title says..this review will be on Victoria's Secret setting spray. 
And let me start by saying how I LOOVE this product! Yes I have tried the Urban Decay setting sprays and yes they ARE better BUT this setting spray is ONLY $12 dollars and it still holds my makeup in place longer than what it would last without it. 

I think that $12 for a 4.05 fl oz product is a really good deal..especially if it does what it claims to do!..
This product is non-greasy and it hasn't broke me out.
I put it on my face twice..right after my moisturizer (before my foundation) and after I'm all done my makeup to lock everything in place. 

I am for sure repurchasing this product! 
Here is my video review on this setting spray if anyone is interested! :P

Anyway..I hope this was helpful!

Monday, 17 September 2012

|The Jezabels | Foster the People | ♥

Hello everyone =)
I know I haven't been posting anything lately and I'm sorry for that..BUT the reason for my lack of involvement with this blog is because I have a new job! *yaaaay*...and I've been quite busy =( I apologize again. I do still have lots of reviews I want to do on new products I got...and I promise  I will :P
but anyway...because I've been working and all..I decided to treat myself to these two CD's that I should have purchased a looonngg time ago!..but eh.. better late than never! haha

I absolutely love these two bands so much...ESPECIALLY The Jezabels! goodness..words cannot describe how much I love calmed their music makes me careless..and free I feel when I listen to I said "HEY..enough waiting...just buy their album already!" hehe...and I did..I walked right into HMV..and found only ONE copy of their "Prisoner" album. Its like..we're meant to be! *happy tear* :P

ALSO...while I was in there..I grabbed myself a copy of Foster the People's "Torches" album...I looooove it!!! Its about time I get that album! haha...

I'll leave you all with one of my favorite songs from The Jezabels <3
Hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do!