Monday, 14 October 2013

MAC "Media" Lipstick Review | ♥

Hello you person reading this. 

Let me start this post by apologizing for being absent for 500 years. I know, I know..We're all old and with beards by now. Gandalf style.

BUT I'm back! ..I think 

So lets go on with this review! 

MAC "Media" is a color that I would look at and not be attracted to, but ever since seeing it on someone's lips, I fell in love with it! So I walked into a MAC store and tried it on. ... and bought it. 

Now, "Media" has a satin finish and it isn't as long wearing as MAC's matte lipsticks, BUT because "Media is a deep color, it leaves a bit of a stain and it lasts on the lips for quite a few hours without re-applying. However, I feel that "Media" doesn't wear off evenly, when it does start to wear off, and that's when I re-apply ;) 

I shall leave you all with some pictures of the lipstick and swatches and a video review, if you want to see how I applied it :P 

See? The lipstick looks darker in the tube than what it does when applied.
No flash used

annnd here's my video! Enjoy and subscribe! :)

On a completely irrelevant note, The Jezabels just released their new single, "The End" ..and I think it's absolutely brilliant! If you know me, then you are probably aware of my undying love for that band! So here is their new song :) Enjoy! 


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